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Administrative and Financial Manager

Insaf Sassi, a dynamic professional in the world of administrative and financial management, has played a pivotal role as the Administrative and Financial Manager of URBAN DANCE for the past six years. With a solid educational foundation in international commerce and a fervent passion for continuous learning, Insaf has been an integral part of the URBAN DANCE team since 2018, contributing significantly to the company's success.

Born with a natural affinity for commerce and finance, Insaf embarked on her educational journey in the field of international commerce. Graduating with honors and armed with a deep understanding of global trade dynamics, she was well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the business world. Her academic achievements laid the groundwork for her future accomplishments.

In 2018, Insaf's professional path led her to the doors of URBAN DANCE, a prominent player in the world of artistic expression through dance. Joining the team as the Administrative and Financial Manager, she brought with her a blend of strategic thinking, financial acumen, and a strong work ethic. Her leadership skills quickly became evident as she streamlined financial processes, implemented efficient resource allocation, and fostered a collaborative work environment.

Beyond her administrative and financial responsibilities, Insaf's tenure at URBAN DANCE has been marked by her commitment to personal and professional growth. Leveraging the opportunities provided by the organization, she seized the chance to diversify her skill set. Through her involvement with URBAN DANCE, she has not only honed her commercial expertise but has also gained proficiency in various other domains.

As the responsible Administrative and Financial Manager, Insaf Sassi continues to contribute her expertise to URBAN DANCE, enriching her own journey as well as the growth of the organization. With her strong foundation in international commerce, combined with the practical skills gained through her association with URBAN DANCE, Insaf stands as a testament to the power of dedication and continuous learning in achieving professional excellence.


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