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Nestled in the heart of Tunisia, where tradition meets modernity, a transformative haven of movement and rhythm emerged in October 2017. The Urban Dance Academy Tunisia, founded by the visionary dancer and choreographer, Ala Zrafi, swiftly evolved into a dynamic space for self-expression, personal growth, and cultural exchange through dance.

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Ala Zrafi, a dedicated dancer fueled by a profound passion for the art, recognized the need to establish a space where individuals across Tunisia could immerse themselves in the world of dance. With an unyielding vision, he transformed a vacant Studio into a vibrant oasis, equipped with cutting-edge facilities, inspiring murals, and an atmosphere brimming with creativity.

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The mission of Urban Dance Academy Tunisia is to empower individuals through the medium of dance, celebrating both the rich cultural heritage of Tunisia and the global language of movement. The academy is committed to nurturing talent, fostering a sense of belonging, and promoting cultural diversity. Its core values of inclusivity, creativity, discipline, and unity form the bedrock of its existence.

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Celebrating Diversity and Unity

A cornerstone of the academy's philosophy is its celebration of diversity and unity. Urban Dance Academy Tunisia actively engages with local communities, offering scholarships, outreach programs, and workshops that break down socio-economic barriers. Through dance, the academy creates a space where individuals from various backgrounds can harmoniously unite, sharing their stories and passions.

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The vision of Urban Dance Academy Tunisia is to become an internationally renowned center for dance education and artistic innovation. The academy envisions nurturing dancers who are not only technically proficient but also deeply connected to their roots and unafraid to experiment with contemporary influences, thus shaping the future of dance in Tunisia.

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Cultivating Creativity

At the heart of Urban Dance Academy Tunisia lies a commitment to fostering creativity. The academy boasts a faculty of distinguished choreographers and dancers who inspire students to explore new horizons, blur the lines between tradition and innovation, and find their unique artistic voices. Regular showcases, collaborative projects, and thematic performances provide platforms for dancers to stretch their creative boundaries.

Upholding Discipline and Excellence

Urban Dance Academy Tunisia understands that excellence is born from discipline. The academy's comprehensive training programs instill not only technical prowess but also mental resilience and unwavering determination. Students learn the value of dedication, the importance of practice, and the rewards of striving for perfection in their dance and personal lives.

Modern Dance Group
Choreography Class

Fostering Community

Beyond a dance institution, Urban Dance Academy Tunisia thrives as a tight-knit community. Workshops, seminars, and events forge meaningful connections among dancers, nurturing an environment where individuals support and learn from each other. This sense of camaraderie strengthens the academy's impact and contributes to the growth of each dancer.


From its inception to its present prominence, Urban Dance Academy Tunisia stands as a beacon of artistic transformation and cultural harmony. Through its resolute commitment to its mission and vision, the academy continues to shape the lives of dancers, enthusiasts, and communities across Tunisia. In a rapidly changing world, the Urban Dance Academy Tunisia remains a steadfast bastion of creativity, diversity, and excellence, propelling the nation's dance landscape into a vibrant and promising future.

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